UK workers to receive £23bn in bonuses

17th February 2015


More than 14 million UK workers will to share a total of £23.28 billion in bonuses awarded between December 2014 and the end of the first quarter of this year, a new study reveals.

However, more men than women are in line for bonuses with 32% of men saying either they had or expected to receive a bonus and only 24% of women, according to research by, the online investment platform.

The total equates to £1,663 per person. But over 45,000 people expect to receive more than £50,000 each. In total, nearly 137,000 people will receive over £10,000.

The age group most likely to be in line for a bonus was the 35-44s, of which 38% said they had or would receive one.

Of those adults who have or expect to receive a bonus, two thirds say they will invest or save at least part of it, and 55% intend to put at least part of their bonuses into an investment ISA.

Stuart Dyer,’s chief investment officer, said: “People’s individual circumstances are all different of course but those who are lucky enough to receive a bonus before the end of the ISA season in April should certainly consider saving as much of it as they can within a tax-free wrapper. They should also weigh up the benefits of investing in financial markets, which over the longer term should give much better returns than the interest on savings accounts.”

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