UK GDP: Downturn is worse than feared

25th February 2011

It also means that even without the snowy weather, the economy shrank, with the ONS suggesting this contributed 0.5 per cent of the fall.

2 thoughts on “UK GDP: Downturn is worse than feared”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I always feel a bit queasy when people use the words “outperform”.   Generally I find they are talking about their performance without their fees added in, and in the end the poor old investor ends up no better off than if he’d searched for maximum interest in whatever currency.

    1. Seb Beloe says:

      Thanks for your comment. There are certainly instances where you’re right about fees, other times not. I was though trying to make the case that SRI analysis can help boost fund performance, regardless of fees. We believe therefore that SRI funds should not have attached to them the level of skepticism which they currently have.

      As an aside, you are right to be careful about what outperformance means to the end investor. We do try to be clear whether we are talking about net or gross performance when we are referring to our funds.

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