Single Britons not in love with paying out £280 a year on unsuccessful dates

4th February 2016


Single Britons are feeling short-changed from their dating experiences with some now even asking their dates for money back, claims new research.

A survey from found the majority of singletons, at 70% have been on at least four unsuccessful dates in the past year – and 40% now feel out-of-pocket.

With the average date costing £70, of which £25 is spent in preparation, £35 on the date itself and £10 catching up with friends to share the juicy details – unsuccessful dates are tallying up to a £280 a year price tag for singletons, according to the analysis.

The research of 1,000 people revealed that 44% believe they have spent too much cash on dates which have not worked out.

An additional 45% view the money invested in failed dates as wasted and as a result many are now looking for alternative methods to cut costs.

The majority, at 58%, of single daters said that if a date was not going well they would cut it short to avoid spending more money.

Women are more likely to make a quick exit with 62% admitting they would get out early to save cash compared to 51% of men.

More than half, at 52%, would ask their potential partner to split the bill and 35% have used a voucher code, offer or discount to keep their spending down.

Taking it a little further, a small but bold 7% of men have actually even asked their date for money back if it did not work out.

A further fifth, at 21%, said that spending money on failed dates has now put them off dating in the future and 30% have even reduced the amount they date because it is too expensive.


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