Reading List: Why the European crisis makes no sense (video edition)

20th February 2012


Why The European Crisis Makes No Sense

Columnist Brett Arends has many questions regarding Europe's economic crisis and visits Mean Street to try to unravel the mystery. The Wall Street Journal


Poor America

What happened to President Obama's vision for America? Panorama examines the decaying economic conditions in the US from the storm drains under Las Vegas to the one and a half million homeless children and the all night queues to see doctors. BBC


Eurozone Crisis has Left China Wondering Who is in Charge

How has the Eurozone crisis affected the Sino-European relationship? Fredrik Erixon says China is less eager to play to a junior role to bigger giants in the global economy as a result of Europe's inability to overcome political brinkmanship. The German Marshall Fund


Paul Krugman – The Two Problems in the US

Economist Paul Krugman says America's long-run fiscal problem is driven by two things: runaway health care costs and an inadequate tax revenue base. University of Cambridge Judge Business School


Western economies are BROKE says Mitchell Feierstein

Hedge Fund manager and author of Plant Ponzi, Mitchell Feierstein, thinks that at some stage cracks will begin to appear in western economies because they're massively over indebted. Sky News


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