Reading List: Why President Obama can stop worrying about Europe

8th March 2012

Economics in the Crisis

Paul Krugman: "Times of economic disturbance and disorder, of crisis and chaos, are times when economic analysis is especially likely to be wrong. Yet such times are also when economics is most useful." New York Times


Political failure in the crisis

Piggybacking on Paul Krugman's piece ‘Economics in the Crisis,' Ezra Klein takes a look at policymakers during the financial crisis and says they made it "much, much worse."  The Washington Post


Why President Obama Can Stop Worrying About Europe

Once upon a time, the big worry was that economic turmoil in Europe would derail the president's re-election hopes. However, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard lists six reasons why that's no longer likely to happen. RealTime Economic Issues Watch


"Massive Stimulus"? Hardly

"When people ask why the fiscal stimulus didn't do more to elevate the economy, the right question to ask is what fiscal stimulus?" Mark Thomas says when stimulus is coupled with contractions at the state and local level, there was very little net stimulus. Economist's View


Happy Birthday, Alan Greenspan: The Housing Bubble Wasn't Your Fault

As the legendary Fed chairman celebrates his 86th birthday this week, Matthew O'Brien takes a moment to reflect on the most misunderstood piece of his legacy: His role in creating the housing bubble. The Atlantic


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