Reading List: Why Japan has run a trade deficit for the first time in decades (video edition)

6th February 2012


Why Japan has run a trade deficit for the first time in decades

What in the world? Last week marked a turning point for the Japanese economy. For the first time in 31 years, Japan recorded a trade deficit. Fareed Zakaria says a decline in competitiveness and an ageing population are to blame for the deficit. CNN


Renegade Economist with Richard Murphy Pt I

Richard Murphy talks with Ross Ashcroft about the state of the UK economy and how to rescue the failed discipline of economics. He says that unless the government reverses its commitment to fiscal consolidation – "it's inevitable that at the very least we can flat line or likely go into recession." Renegade Economist


Economics is Fun, Part 1: Value

Ever wondered why trade takes place? Well, in the first of a series of videos, president of the Adam Smith Institute, Dr Madsen Pirie attempts to prove why economics can be fun. Adam Smith Institute


Punk Economics: Lesson 1

Irish economist, David McWilliams gives us our first lesson in punk economics. In this lesson David tries to help us make sense of the current euro zone debt crisis. David McWilliams


Freakonomics: Does defense win championships?

Stephen J. Dunbar, co- author of the best-selling book freakonomics, tackles the old "defense wins championships" cliché: "Well if that's the case, then why were the two teams in Super Bowl 46 ranked 27th and 31st in total defense during the regular season. Freakonomics


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