Reading List: Why economists don’t understand accounting, or business

2nd February 2012

 Why Economists Don't Understand Accounting, or Business

Steve Roth: "I just searched Harvard, U Chicago, and a few other top econ departments' course offerings and major requirements. The string "account" barely appears. No wonder so many econmists have such profound misunderstandings of the National Income and Product Accounts."  Angry Bear


The Big Mac Index

Why should you care about the price of a Big Mac in your country? Welcome to "Burgonomics 101″ is an infographic where you will learn what this single metric reveals about the purchasing power of your nation. Infographics Archive


Measuring China's Growth

The story of China's stellar growth has been well documented. "But the sheer scale of its achievement still staggers when put into comparative terms." Overheard


Coronary Capitalism

Kenneth Rogoff says that just as the financial industry caused a near-meltdown of the global economy in 2008, the food industry has facilitated the explosion of obesity around the world. In both cases, the links to broader problems with contemporary Western capitalism have become impossible to ignore. Project Syndicate


Keynes a la Mode

David R. Henderson analyses whether the economist John Maynard Keynes was truly a "capitalist revolutionary," as a new book claims? Hoover Institution


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