Reading List: What happens if Greece doesn’t get a bailout?

16th February 2012

What Happens If Greece Doesn't Get a Bailout?

Despite the Greek parliament agreeing to yet more austerity measures this past Sunday, no bail out deal has been struck with the euro zone. The author of the piece says "there's a not-so-bad scenario, a bad scenario and an absolutely catastrophic scenario," if Greece cannot attain any rescue money. TIME


Swing State Economies: Do They Even Matter?

Swing states often play a major factor in presidential elections but do the economic conditions of states even affect elections?  John Sides highlights a paper by Stephen Ansolabehere, Marc Meredith, and Erik Snowberg, three academics, which show the effects of the national economy matter much more. The Monkey Cage


The renminbi will become a reserve currency within the next decade

Is China's currency destined to become the dominant global reserve currency? Eswar Prasad  argues that despite not yet having a flexible exchange rate or open capital account, China's government is pursuing ‘liberalisation with Chinese characteristics'. Vox Eu


The pain of zero interest rates

Given that interest rates in America have been near zero since the financial crash in 08', this article asks: "What, if anything, can be done to change this? What options are open to households-or firms, for that matter-that want better returns on their savings?"  American Enterprize Institute


Washington's Knack for Picking Losers

Former Obama adviser Larry Summers warned the administration against federal loan guarantees to Solyndra, writing in a 2009 email that 'the government is a crappy venture capitalist'. Michael J. Boskin says favouring key industries with taxpayer money usually does far more harm than good. Hoover Institution


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