Reading List: Understanding past and future financial crises

1st February 2012

Understanding past and future financial crises

 Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas and Maurice Obstfeld identify domestic-credit booms and real currency appreciation as the most significant predictors of future crises, in both developed and emerging economies. Vox Eu


A Referendum on Obama

Michael Boskin believes November's presidential election will be a referendum on Barack Obama's policies. A Republican presidential victory, together with Republican control of Congress, "would most likely lead to substantial reduction, repeal, and replacement of many Obama initiatives." Project Syndicate


The Negative Effect of Low Rates

"The orthodoxy that ultralow rates will keep juicing the economy is worth questioning. Just ask policy makers in Japan." Richard Barley says the signal that zero interest rates sends is a negative one: The economy remains on life support. Heard on the Street


What is private equity for?

Referencing a piece written in the National Review by Reihan Salam, Sam Bowman explains why firms like Mitt Romney's Bain Capital are so important to modern economies: "Successful firms such as Apple change the larger competitive landscape by threatening the very survival of competitors." Adam Smith Institute


Mainstream Economics as Ideology: An Interview with Rod Hill and Tony Myatt

Rod Hill and Tony Myatt authors of a new book, The Economics Anti-Textbook are interviewed by Philip Pilkington about the state of mainstream economics. Naked Capitalism


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