Reading List: The government bubble

15th February 2012

From Argentina to Athens?

Greece is facing today what Argentina faced in the summer of 2001. And unless Europe reflects on Argentina's experience, economist Mohamed A. El-Eria says "the parallels with Greece may end up including financial meltdown, a deep output collapse, and social and political turmoil." Project Syndicate


The government bubble

Just as the housing bubble of the 2000s brought down the world economy, could a government bubble approach such a bursting point? Sam Bowman says the endless rounds of quantitative easing by governments may lead to a nightmare scenario. Adam Smith Institute


Are China's Big State Companies a Big Problem for the Global Economy?

Michael Schuman thinks China's big state-owned enterprises (SOEs) could be the bane of the global economy: "The advantages they possess – in some cases, unfair advantages – are potentially poised to alter the rules of global economic competition." TIME


Plan A vs Plan B

Evan Davis brings together two respected economists who disagree on what's required at the moment: Plan A which is austerity or Plan B which are cuts that are less far and less fast. BBC


How an economist says "I love you"

I know it's a day late but Elisabeth Fosslien, an analyst and visual designer has created this visualisation of love through the eyes of the dismal science which is economics. The Economist


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