Reading List: Rising gas prices could cause double dip recession (video edition)

12th March 2012


ECB's cheap loans a necessary evil

The ECB's cheap loans to banks were a necessary evil because it prevented a full-blown credit crunch in the Euro zone, says Reuters Breakingviews editor Hugo Dixon. Reuters


Rising gas prices could cause double dip recession

Stephen Moore, senior economics writer for the Wall St Journal, opines that if gasoline prices reach $5 a gallon, the US could potentially see a ‘double dip recession.' Fox News


Greece avoids default, but for how long?

Even though Greece secured an historic debt restructuring deal, this report suggests that some analysts are not so confident that banks will want to risk lending money to the Athens government even in the long term. Euro News


Nomura's Koo on Japan's Economy, Recovery Outlook

Richard Koo, chief economist at Nomura Research Institute in Tokyo, explains why he's bullish about the Japanese economy in spite of last year's earthquake and tsunami. Bloomberg


Obama on Economy: 'Better Days Ahead'

During a speech about the economy and jobs in Prince George County, Virginia, President Barack Obama hailed another month of job growth and said he was confident there are ‘better days ahead' for the US economy. Associated Press


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