Reading List: Obama’s recovery

22nd February 2012

Obama's Recovery?

Jeff Frankel says whether you listen to the Republicans or Democrats, or the middle-ground observers, "one gets the impression that economic statistics show no discernible improvement around the time that Obama took office." Project Syndicate


Precautionary savings in the Great Recession

"Uncertainty rose sharply during the Great Recession, as did saving rates." This article by three academics shows that at least two-fifths of the increase in households' saving rates between 2007 and 2009 was due to increased uncertainty about labour-income prospects. Vox EU


Ros Altman is (almost) right on Quantitative Easing

"Although Altman rightly argues that quantitative easing diminishes the incomes of pensioners Altman rather blots her copybook by arguing that 'the authorities should find ways to lend to small firms directly'. Picking of 'winners' by governments is notoriously unsuccessful and no way to grow an economy." Adam Smith Institute


Wolf Richter: Now a Housing Bubble in Germany

Wolf Richter, a San Francisco based executive and entrepreneur, says Germans have something else to be euphoric about apart from their standard of living and export machine: a housing bubble. Naked Capitalism


Experts react to Europe's bailout package for Greece

After Greece sealed its second bailout deal yesterday, a group of experts and economists weigh in on the deal – and whether it's enough to secure the future of Greece and hold Europe together. Washington Post


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