Reading List: Mean-spirited, bad economics

9th February 2012

Mean-Spirited, Bad Economics

Simon Johnson thinks the logic of Social Security which have lasted for over 80 years seems likely to collapse if House Republicans' fail to agree on an extension to unemployment benefits. Economix


Three Economic Lessons Imported From Turkey

After trekking Istanbul for a week, Rana Foroohar learned a few economic lessons that have particular relevance to the U.S. and global economy. Examples include: political stability and manufacturing. TIME


Reassessing the Recovery

John B. Taylor assesses the implications of recent good news concerning the US economy by comparing it to the post-recession recovery of the 1980s. Make no mistake; this current recovery is a "recovery in name only." Economics One


More on Schools of Thought

Why do schools of thought seem to fragment mainstream macroeconomics but not microeconomics? Answer: "That divide occurs all the time in microeconomics, but because it involves arguing about many different externalities or imperfections it does not lend itself to fragmentation into schools." Mainly macro


A Comment on "Occupy Economics"

Last year when students walked out of an Econ10 class, in effect ‘occupying economics,' it highlighted an important issue facing academic economics. This piece argues "that there is very little direct link between mainstream economics as theory and mainstream economics as ideology." Jacobin


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