Reading List: Is Greece’s the longest recession in history?

29th February 2012

Romney's Economic Closet

Does this gaffe prove that Mitt Romney is a closet Keynesian? – "If you just cut, if all you're thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you'll slow down the economy." New York Times


Is Greece's the longest recession in history?

Greece is in the midst of a recession that has been described as the longest ever recorded. But how does Greece's predicament compare to other tough times in world history? BBC


Asia's Take on Austerity

The case for austerity appears increasingly weak. But this article argues that the case for it becomes stronger when you look at Asian countries' path from the financial crisis in the late 1990's to surprising growth and prosperity today. Project Syndicate


Want More "Fairness?" Look to Europe's Basket Cases

"Obama apparently does not know that the European countries that have become "fairer" over the past two decades are now basket cases of debt, social unrest." Forbes


Infographic: The Impact of High Oil Prices

Whatever you call it, crude oil is a sought after resource that drives the global economy, just look at how oil prices have risen this year alone. This infographic shows how high oil prices affect the U.S. economy. Submit Infographics


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