Reading List: Has the Great Recession made us forever poorer?

20th March 2012

Has the Great Recession Made Us Forever Poorer?

The disconnect between jobs and GDP data in the US might mean the country will never fully recover from the financial crisis in 2008. If policymakers don't do anything about long-term unemployment, it might cost America its long-term prosperity. The Atlantic


Uh-Oh: Economist Cover "Can it be…the recovery?"

In response to the cover of last week's edition of The Economist, Barry Ritholtz remarks: "The timing of this could very well mark a top in economic activity, but by the rules of magazine indicators, I am going to suggest this one fails to qualify." The Big Picture


China's Politics of the Economically Possible

Minxin Pei says the World Bank's much-applauded report on the future of the Chinese economy shied away from the most critical question: "Will the Chinese government actually heed its advice and swallow the bitter medicine, given the country's one-party political system?" Project Syndicate


Greece's exit from the Eurozone would be all pain, no gain

Contrary to popular belief, Miranda Xafa argues that an exit from the Eurozone and a return to the drachma would be "all pain, no gain." Vox EU


Ben Bernanke – Oil Tycoon

Jason Rave believes arguments that say quantitative easing is the cause of the recent oil spike, lacks any "resemblance of rational economic analysis." Macro Matters


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