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7th March 2012

Greed isn't good for the government

According to David Sirota, it would be a disastrous idea for presidential candidate Mitt Romney to run America like a business. Salon


Bernanke Needs Some Bounce in His Tail

Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers say Ben Bernanke needs to be more assertive when it comes to announcing the Fed's longer-term plans or risk dooming the strategy to failure. Bloomberg


Why China Should Slow Down – but Probably Won't

After Monday's announcement that China is lowering its growth target for 2012, Michael Shuman thinks the global economy should be more worried about the potential fallout from a China that doesn't slow down than a China that does. TIME


Free Trade Ad Nauseam

"So much has been written, by so many, against the muddled ideas that have now overwhelmed good sense on trade policy in the US government that one wonders whether there is anything left to say." Unfortunately, there is. Project Syndicate


On the origin of Bretton Woods

The origin of Bretton Woods before the gold avalanche or the war: "it looks like the basic idea actually emerged from the US going off gold in 1933 and an attempt to figure out what it should do next." The Edge Of The American West


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