Reading List: Europe without euro and EU

3rd February 2012

Traffic Jam Economics

"One recent estimate puts the price of commuter delays alone at more than $100 billion in the United States in 2010, or nearly $750 for every commuter in the country." Economics professor Nancy Folbre says that some efforts to solve the problem may make matters worse. Economix


Europe without euro and EU

What will happen if the euro collapses? For many people, the answer is unmitigated disaster. But Bruce S Frey argues that to identify the euro, the EU, and Europe as one, as many politicians like to do, is totally misleading. "A possible demise of the euro and the EU can be seen as a chance for the evolution of a better future Europe." Vox eu


Austerity under Attack

As the European economy risks falling into recession, many observers are asking whether austerity could lead to such a sharp decline in economic activity that revenues fall and the fiscal position actually deteriorates further. But according to Daniel Gros, it would be "dangerous for the eurozone's highly indebted countries to abandon austerity now." Project Syndicate


Facebook by numbers

"After eight years, scores of lawsuits and a blockbuster movie, Facebook is going public. It is seeking to raise $5 billion from its initial public offering, which would give it an estimated market capitalisation of $80-100 billion." Check out this visual guide on Facebook by the numbers. Graphic detail


What Happens to Your Debt After You Die?

"Many avoid thinking about what happens to their debt after they die. Understanding what type of debt you have is important because your debts may or may not pass on to other people after you die." This infographic shows what happens to your debt after you die. Infographics Archive


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