Reading List: Europe: Is a Lehman-style event possible? (video edition)

27th February 2012


Wall Street in the White House?

Despite public anger towards financial executives, the industry is still playing a big role in the presidential race. Whoever wins the US General Election in 2012, is it always Wall Street that wins? Al Jazeera


World Bank to China: Reform Now or Face Deep Economic Crisis

A recent report by the World Bank has urged Beijing to scale back its vast state-owned enterprises because as China reaches a so called Middle income level, they may be less well served by the state- led growth model. Wall Street Journal


Europe: Is a Lehman-Style Event Possible?

Senior Economic strategist Milton Ezrati thinks Europe may avoid a Lehman-style default because the European Central Bank has finally decided to relieve some of the strain in Europe.  Lord Abbett


Is America back?

Roger Altman, a former US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, says regardless of recent good news regarding the US economy, "it's a bit too soon to judge whether it will turn into a strong year." He also warns that the county's global influence will probably decline. Financial Times


Why do savers distrust the banks?

Simon Rose of Save Our Savers says the Bank of England's quantitative easing program and the banking run five years ago may explain why savers think the mattress is safer than the banks. BBC


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