Reading List: China

17th February 2012

The mystery of mini-recessions: The dog that didn't bark

Scott Summers says the lack of mini-recessions since World War II may provide the explanation to one of the keys of macroeconomics – the business cycle. The Money Illusion


The Uptick's Downside

Since late last year, a series of positive economic data has boosted confidence but according to Nouriel Roubini, there's at least four downside risks are likely to materialize this year that could undermine global growth. Project Syndicate


China's economic rebalancing is already underway

Many are hoping that China can make to a global economic recovery by rebalancing its economy through promoting consumption growth. Economist Yiping Huang argues that "China's long-awaited economic rebalancing is already well under way." Vox EU


Poor Economics

Peter Dorman offers a mixed review of Poor Economics, a book that focuses on the behavior of poor people, their needs, and the way that aid or financial investment can affect their lives. EconoSpeak


Christina Romer on Learning from the Great Depression

An interview with the former chair of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers. Romer says that having the right policy response can make a big difference to the outcome of an economic downturn. The Browser


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