Reading List: Budget 2012: Tax and spending plans visualised

22nd March 2012

A free market take on the 2012 budget

A bullet point round up of the positives and negatives of George Osborne's budget by Tom Clougherty  and Sam Bowman, including why the top rate of income tax and corporation tax should be cut further. Adam Smith


The Little Recovery That Could…Well, Maybe

An assessment of America's recent economic upswing: "The definition of a "normal" recovery appears to have changed a lot over the last two decades. Technically, we're in an expansion, since economic output has eclipsed the 2007 peak. But practically speaking, we are in a neverland of a recovery." TIME


Captured Europe

Two academics warn that Europe "must re-evaluate the distorted political economy of the financial sector, before the excessive power of the few imposes even larger costs on everyone else."  Project Syndicate


The political economy of Ryan's budget

"If you want to know how [Paul] Ryan's proposal is likely to affect you, just ask yourself: are you part of a demographic or economic category that tends to vote Republican? You'll probably do okay, and you'll do much better the wealthier and/or the more dependent you are on robust defense spending. Otherwise, look out!" Washington Post


Tax and spending plans visualised

An infographic showing how what sectors will be affected by yesterday's budget announcement. The Guardian


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