Reading List: Brazil, country of the future no more?

1st March 2012

Brazil, Country of the Future No More?

"At first glance, Brazil appears to be an unambiguous success story – democratic, macroeconomically sound, and poised to host the world's two largest and most prestigious sporting events. But dig a little deeper and a more complex picture emerges." Project Syndicate


Either Greece is Forced Out or Germany Walks… Either Way a Collapse is Coming

Will Germany do all it can to force Greece out of the Euro before March 20th (the date that the next round of Greek debt is due) or will simply pull out of the Euro (but not the EU) itself? This blogger thinks so! Zero Hedge


Why gas prices haven't squelched the recovery – yet

According to Brad Plummer, a freakishly warm winter, cheap natural gas prices and falling heating bills are reasons why the recent surge in gas prices haven't blunted the U.S. economic recovery – yet. Washington Post


Draghi strikes back II

This article says yesterday's liquidity injection by the European Central Bank doesn't solve the euro debt crisis; rather it only buys more time for policy makers. Free Exchange


The White House's Economic Case for Reelection in 13 Charts

"Whether you love the president, hate the president, or think he's just in over his head, you'll want to see this. It's the Treasury Department's visual slideshow of the state of the economy." The Atlantic


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