Older motorists risk £1,000 fine by keeping quiet about illnesses

19th February 2016


One million older drivers are risking £1,000 fine and even prosecution as they keep serious medical conditions a secret.


Research by Direct Line Car Insurance reveals one million motorists over the age of 65 are risking a fine of £1,000, prosecution and the safety of other road users. Three in 10 older drivers have medical conditions such as visual impairments, diabetes, heart conditions or epilepsy that they must disclose to the DVLA.


However, half have failed to do so.


Of the half that have not told the DVLA about their conditions, 57% say this is because they don’t feel their condition affects their driving and one in eight say they weren’t aware of the obligation.


Over-65s are not alone when it comes to driving without a valid licence as 24% of motorists of all ages have a ‘notifiable condition’ but just one in 10 disclose it.


Gus Park, director of motor at Direct Line, said: ‘Regardless of age, drivers that have a notifiable or worsening medical condition or disability must disclose this to the DVLA and also to their insurer to stay within the law. Even those who feel their physical status won’t affect their driving must still disclose their condition, as failing to do so means they risk a hefty fine and even prosecution if they have an accident.


‘The issue of failing to disclose medical conditions is particularly prevalent amongst older motorists but the rules are the same regardless of age, experience or the severity of a medical issue. We’re urging anyone that thinks they may have a condition or a disability they need to disclose to contact the DVLA and their insurer as they risk invalidating their licence and insurance if they don’t.’


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