Name dropping: Rothschild leaves investment banking after 200 years

4th February 2011

What's in a name? Well when the name is Rothschild a considerable amount. In fact quite a lot depends on the initials too. N.M. Rothschild is to drop the N.M. as part of a rebrand because the bank feels it no longer does investment banking. 

The full Telegraph report is here .

Rothschild spokeswoman Sian Westerman said: "Whenever we talked about ourselves we found we were often describing what didn't do as much as what we did.

"So we'd say investment banking but immediately follow that with the fact we don't sell shares, we're not conflicted or self-serving, which felt very negative. We decided to badge the division as it is: financial, advisory and global."

The Telegraph follows up the news with two more stories – a history of the firm and its recent deals which include restructuring Ireland's debt.

The move may well make sense. In this climate if you don't really do investment banking why have people believe that you do.

But what we don't know is if it will leave founder Nathan Meyer Rothschild spinning in his grave. The N and the M are his initials after all.

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