More than a million drivers have managed to dodge speeding fines when pulled over by police

25th February 2016


Almost 1.3m drivers on Britain’s roads have got lucky and avoided a speeding fine when they were pulled over by the police, claims new research.

The feeling of knowing you have been flashed driving over the speed limit by a camera or a mobile police van can naturally be frustrating

But a study by has found in the UK more than a third of motorists, at 35%, have been caught speeding, with 36% admitting they have been pulled over by a police officer.

In 2015, new FOI data obtained by comparison website showed that police forces across the UK dished out more than 806,000 speeding tickets to British drivers.

And it is drivers in the Thames Valley who should take the biggest steps to cut their speed as 161,763 speeding tickets were issued by the local police in 2015.

North Yorkshire Police were second in the league table with 67,787 fines issued while Sussex Police came third after issuing 62,719 tickets over the year.

When it comes to being caught by a police officer for speeding, Britons have differing reactions.

The analysis found that while the majority, at 55%, simply accepted that they were probably speeding and simply accepted the fine, more than a quarter, at 28% said the police officer let them go with a warning.

But 8% of those pulled over said they even tried to argue their case and weren’t successful while 7% were able to persuade the officer and were let off without a ticket.

However 25% of motorists believe police officers have much better things to be doing than looking for speeding motorists. In fact 20% of motorists said they resent the fact that speeding is a priority for the police.

While millions of drivers have been pulled over for speeding by police officers, the overwhelming majority of motorists have been caught over the speed limit by cameras.

Some 41% said that the last time they were caught speeding, was by a fixed camera, with the same number were captured by a mobile speed camera, rather than actually being stopped by an officer.

Matt Lloyd, motoring expert at, acknowledged that while motorists might see speed cameras as annoying, he asserted that they have however become a necessity across Britain to keep speed down and the roads safe for motorists and pedestrians alike.

He said: “Speeding cameras are a necessary part of road safety – and Police officers also need to keep their eyes on motorists to ensure road safety. If motorists were allowed to drive at any speed, the roads would be chaos and accidents would be even more frequent than they are now.

“If drivers are caught speeding, they need to let their insurer know of the conviction ahead of renewal. If they don’t, and their insurer finds out at a later date, their policy could be deemed invalid or any claims could be voided.”

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