More than 20% of ‘easy access’ savings accounts restricting withdrawals

22nd February 2016


Savers are continuing to get a raw deal, as new research shows that not only are they enduring record low rates but out of the easy access savings accounts available to new customers, 21% now restrict withdrawals.

Worse still, the study from, found half of the top 10 best rates impose some kind of withdrawal limit.

The fact that so many easy access savings accounts now have restrictions may come as a surprise as it is often assumed that they offer unlimited access said

Savers looking at account details may therefore be confused when a limit is discovered, which could give them cold feet and cause them to turn away from the best rates.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that given the current state of the savings market savers are turning to smaller, regional building societies to furnish them with the flexibility and interest they desire.

However, there are concerns that some of these providers are struggling to stick to their principles of offering a good rate because they’re being inundated with savers.

Rachel Springall, Finance Expert at, said: “Savers are faced with a frustrating situation; interest rates are at record lows and competition remains lacklustre. As a result, those looking for a true easy access savings account may be finding it difficult to secure one that suits their needs.

“Anyone looking for this kind of deal needs to cast a keen eye over the account details, as not all restrictive accounts will have ‘limited access’ clearly displayed in their title. It would also be a good idea to check the compensation rules as a growing number of providers in this sector’s Best Buys are passporting into the UK.”

However savers could investigate alternatives. High interest current accounts have been dominating the headlines with lucrative credit interest rates, with some even offering exclusive savings deals that sit alongside the account.

Springall added: “Another option is to invest with challenger banks, which seem to have a greater appetite for savers’ cash, but even these deals are not immune to cuts so savers need to be quick to grab the best deals. No matter which route savers decide to go down, one thing is clear: the savings market is not going to re-energise anytime soon, which means it’s only going to become more difficult to get a decent return.”

Best Easy Access Account   % Min Notes
Providers Account Gross Inv
RCI Bank UK Freedom Savings Account 1.55% £100 Unlimited withdrawals
ICICI Bank UK SuperSaver Savings 1.39% £1 Unlimited withdrawals
Virgin Money Defined Access Saver 1.31% £1 3 withdrawals per year
Shawbrook Bank Easy Access 1.30% £1,000 Unlimited withdrawals
National Counties BS 3rd Issue Branch Saver 1.26% £1 £300 max w/d per day
Skipton BS eSaver 1.25% £1 Unlimited withdrawals
West Brom BS Limited Access Saver 1.25% £1 6 withdrawals per year
National Savings & Investments Income Bonds 1.25% £500 Unlimited withdrawals
United Bank UK Online Easy Access 1.25% £500 1 withdrawal per month
West Brom BS Direct Limited Access 1.25% £1,000 6 withdrawals per year

Source:  22.2.16


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  1. Jive Bunny says:

    Credit Unions should also be considered although they usually have low limits on the maximum you can invest with them. They are very conservatively run, most offer immediate access to savings but the profit is not guaranteed so you could receive from 0% to 3% pa profit dividend. They are almost all registered with FSCS compensation scheme. Anyone interested in investigating this avenue can use this as a starting point –

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