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23rd March 2011

First time buyers are expected to get some much needed help too. No doubt the Chancellor has a few surprises up his sleeve, given the fact that the UK has had to borrow a little bit less than expected, though not even the most wildly optimistic commentators are predicting a give-away this year.

Whatever the Chancellor decides, Mindful Money will bring you the latest Budget news that can help you work out your investing and savings strategy for the year ahead. Mindful Money Editor Samantha Downes will be blogging live, to give you a blow by blow account, while our team of commentators, including financial analysts, personal finance journalists and independent financial advisers will bring you their thoughts and views as Budget Day progresses.

We will also be reviewing and pointing you in the direction of the best coverage from elsewhere on the web.

Other possible changes to watch out for include a shake-up in the state pension and reform of range of taxes such as venture capital trusts with big implications for top end investors and for more mainstream savers whether National Savings & Investments will be able to offer inflation linked bonds again, while the Government is also considering bringing together the Isa and pension regimes.

These sorts of changes have been recommended by a range of independent reviewers and fellow cabinet ministers though whether the Chancellor listens or not is another matter. Whatever he decides, Mindful Money will bring the news, analysis and the stories behind the news so you can know what it means for you and start making the decisions that will help you manage your finances and investments in the year ahead.

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