Men most likely to splash the cash on a first date finds survey

12th February 2015


The majority of men on the dating scene are happy to pick up the bill on a first date but women are still taking a more traditional approach according to research from

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, the organisation surveyed the spending habits of the couples hitting the town together for the first time.

It found that while eight of out of 10 men are fine paying the evenings costs, just one in six women say they would be willing to pick up the bill. The analysis found that 30% of UK adults describe themselves as “currently dating”, but unsurprisingly that figure is biased towards younger people.

In fact 44% of 18-25 year olds say they are dating, as do 56% of 25-34 year olds. By age 45-54 this has fallen to 23% and is just 13% for people over 55.

Of those that are currently dating 51% say they would be willing to pay for the full cost of a first date.

However, there was a definite gender divide, as 81% of men currently on the dating scene say that they are happy to do so but just 17% of women in the same situation say they would pay for the whole date and 9% of women even say they would not contribute financially towards a first date at all.

There’s a clear divide in the preference for “going halves” – almost two thirds of women believe that this is acceptable, at 65%, but just 15% of men do so.

The study found that men are also more generous when it comes to splashing the cash for first dates too, with more than a third, at 34% saying they would spend between £40 and £60 on a date, compared to 23% of women.

Women say they spend a bit less on a first date, with two-fifths, at 41%, spending in the region of £20 to £40. One in seven, or 15% of men even say they would spend over £80 on a first date, with just 3% of women willing to fork out the same amount.

The most popular idea for a first date is meeting up for drinks, with almost half, at 49%, saying that this is how they’d get to know a potential romantic interest.

More than a quarter, at 27%, preferred to go out for a meal, while 11% say that they would go to see a film, as well as going out for dinner.

Ian Williams, spokesman for thinkmoney, says: “When it comes to dating, old habits really do die hard – at least for men. Whilst two thirds of women are happy to go halves on the night, 80% of men think it is up to them to stump up for the whole thing. Men also seem more inclined to splash the cash on first dates – perhaps to try and impress – with most willing to spend 50% more than women.”


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