London’s lesson for Romney and Ryan: Government works

15th August 2012

Building a Better Dow

Given the exclusion of firms like Apple and Google, two economists propose a change in the method for computing the Dow Jones Industrial Average that would accurately reflect the stock market and, by extension, the U.S. economy. Rajiv Sethi


London's Lesson for Romney and Ryan: Government Works

"The entire London Games was a testament to the productive role that governments can play. Yes, governments sometimes screw things up. But often-far more often than Romney and Ryan would like to admit-they make things happen that the private sector can't manage by itself." Rational Irrationality


Robert Shiller on Human Traits Essential to Capitalism

The Yale economist argues that our economic system reflects our understanding of humankind; therefore you have to understand people first before you can understand how to devise an economic system for them. The Browser



There are 800 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe at which the audience does not buy a ticket or pay anything to enter. So, Steven Brocklehurst asks: how has the "free" idea changed the Fringe and how much do people actually pay for these shows? BBC


A Transactional Genealogy of Scandal: from Michael Milken to Enron to Goldman Sachs

A working paper by William Bratton and Adam Levitin that details "everything you always wanted to know about CDOs (but were afraid to ask)" and its immeasurable connection to the financial scandals of Michael Milken, Enron and Goldman Sachs. SSRN


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