Leeds Building Society launches five-year 2.85% fixed-rate cash ISA

16th May 2014

Leeds Building Society is offering a new five year fixed rate Cash ISA with a best buy rate of 2.85% per annum. The new ISA, launched today, 16th May, matures on 30th June 2019 and can be opened with just £100.

Savers can invest up to the current annual Cash ISA allowance of £5,940 for the 2014/15 financial year, and between 1st and 31st July can top up their funds, up to the new £15,000 NISA limit.

Kim Rebecchi, Leeds Building Society sales & marketing director says: “In common with other ISAs we offer, savers have the benefit of access to 25% of their capital investment during the fixed term without notice or penalty.”

“Prior to this year’s Budget, we had urged the Chancellor to help savers by increasing the annual ISA allowance so welcomed the larger NISA allowance, which comes into force from July.

“As with other fixed rate Cash ISAs opened with Leeds Building Society during the current financial year, savers with the new five year fixed rate Cash ISA will be able to top up to the new £15,000 limit during July.”

Leeds is directing savers to their local branch, the website at www.leedsbuildingsociety.co.uk, or the savings ‘hotline’ on 08450 540 995.

Key Features

5 Year Fixed Rate cash ISA maturing on 30th June 2019

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