Invesco Perpetual launches global distribution fund

8th May 2014

Invesco Perpetual has launched the Invesco Perpetual Global Distribution Fund. The fund will be managed by co-heads of fixed interest, Paul Causer and Paul Read, and the Invesco Perpetual Global Equity Income Group led by Nick Mustoe.

The fund will seek to provide a balance of income and capital growth through a portfolio of fixed income securities and global equities and sit in the IMA Mixed Investment 20% – 60% shares sector.

Paul Causer and Paul Read, who have been managing funds together for 19 years and mixed asset funds for 15 years, will lead manage the fund and, in particular, manage the fixed interest component. Invesco Perpetual’s Global Equity Income Group will manage the equity component.

Causer and Read will also manage the weighting between bonds and equities. The flexibility to change the fund’s asset allocation weighting will allow the fund managers to react to market conditions and provide the opportunity to exploit value where they perceive it to be.

Paul Causer, Co-head of Fixed Interest at Invesco Perpetual, says: “A fund that can combine our bond ideas with an income-focused global equity strategy is attractive for us as fund managers. It gives us the ability to access income where it appears to be best value at different points in the cycle across a wide investment universe. It also enables us to position the fund for capital appreciation when we see the potential for that.”

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