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1st February 2012

When you're looking for financial news, if you're anything like the typical investor, chances are you'll have your favorite sources, those sites that form the staple of your daily news diet, you know the ones, sites like the BBC, The Telegraph, Citywire or the FT. 

In short, all the mainstream usuals.

The sites that everyone reads.

The sites with all the best writers, with all the news that's fit to print.

The places where you go to find out what's going on in the world, right?

Well, sort of.  In the last few years', traffic to blogs and personal websites in the UK has increased by 208 percent, compared to just 70 for News.

What's happened is that blogs have gone mainstream, and in a big way. Think Felix Salmon of Reuters or Josh Brown, whose regular appearances on CNBC and The Wall Street Journal increasingly blur the distinction between blogger and journalist (doubt he'd welcome the comparison though), between mainstream and outlier.

If a journalist's job is to inform the public, then a bloggers seems to be to help them understand that information, contextualize and critique it (A role not universally appreciated however).

And in the dazzlingly complex arena of finance, especially following the 2008 crash, blogs have risen up in the hundreds to do just that. They write about finance in understandable everyday language, engage readers in a two-way conversation and offer a counterbalance to the mainstreams world-view. And they've got personality, man.


Problem is, there's just so many of them now it's hard to know where to start, or, where to actually find them all. Which is why we've created Finance Blogs (Beta), the first of it's kind, a sort of blog discovery engine aimed at helping you find the best one's out there.

We've categorized over 380 so far. Readers can comment on the listings and vote for their favorite one's, so that the most popular will make their way to the ‘Recommended Blogs' Top 20 list.

We think it's a great place for the uninitiated to begin their journey into the edifying and eclectic world of the financial blogosphere. Check it out. We hope you enjoy it and the blogs that it helps you stumble across.

MM Team


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