Interviews: The New Economists

21st August 2012

Unfortunately mainstream debate has become entrenched down traditional political and ideological lines and has left the public behind in favour of sparring between each other. As no-one is likely to shift position, the search to find a comprehensive solution has stalled.

Yet there are a plethora of new approaches being discussed outside of these high profile figures. Across various forums conversations are already underway that aim to challenge the frames that policymakers and the mainstream media have been putting on the crisis.

Below is a collection of Q&As introducing some of the key voices in this growing New Economics movement:


Steve Keen

"As individuals, very little can be done apart from getting out of private debt. But collectively we can campaign for Debt Jubilees."(read the full interview)


Unlearning Economics

"In economics, the elephant in the room is, and always has been, assumptions." (read the full interview)


Positive Money

"We need to start asking questions like: where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used?" (read the full interview)


Jesse's Café Américain

"Quantitative easing or a debt jubilee or austerity will not work without meaningful economic and political reform." (read the full interview)


Modern Monetary Mechanics

"The only real thing individuals can do is lobby and/or continually point out the flaws in today's conceptual thinking." (read the full interview)


Pragmatic Capitalism

"The mainstream still fails to understand how our monetary system works" (read the full interview)


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