IHT bills to soar by a third in the current tax year says The Sunday Telegraph

16th June 2014

The amount of families set to be walloped with inheritance tax (IHT) bills this year is due to rocket by a third according to an analysis by The Sunday Telegraph.

With the UK’s economy well on the road to recovery and house prices having enjoyed strong gains on the back of the more positive outlook, the Treasury forecast that many more households will breach the £325,000 IHT threshold, after which a 40% levy is charged.

This means the number of families required to pay tax on the estates they inherit will increase by 35% to 35,600 during the course of this financial year.

And in the next fiscal year – 2015/2016 – the number of estates liable for the death tax will rise to 43,811. In fact by 2016, the number of families who must pay death tax will have risen by 66% in two years, the paper concluded.

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1 thought on “IHT bills to soar by a third in the current tax year says The Sunday Telegraph”

  1. Noo 2 Economics says:

    Thanks for giving the correct name (death tax) to the euphemistically named inheritance tax. I think they tax your estate when you die because you have had the sheer impudence to die on them thereby depriving them of any further revenues!

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