House prices fall 0.1%, bringing prices back to 2009 levels

1st February 2011

House prices continued to mark time in early 2011 with a 0.1 per cent fall in January. The average house price fell to £161,602 according the Nationwide Building Society, taking prices back to September 2009 levels, reported here in The Guardian.

Nationwide's Housing Economist Robert Gardner who believes sideways movement will be the order of the day in 2011, is interviewed here on Bloomberg.

On The Guardian, a commenter is rude about the regions.

Gobstar says: "Is there regional data available from these figures? I suspect that prices in London and the South East are probably stable or even rising, but South Wales, the North East and other godforsaken areas where no-one wants to live are probably declining faster than 0.1%."

However on, the Masked Tulip says his local paper is reporting that over ten years the gains in Wales still look very good.

Back on the Guardian, MelonCauli wonders if a fall of 0.1per cent is actually a slide.

He writes:  "House prices slide by 0.1% or.. house prices fell slightly by a tenth of one percent just doesn't make such a good headline does it? Why do the media insist on inflammatory language to ramp up the pressure and fear?"


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