Green energy provider Ecotricity cuts gas bills 7%

12th February 2016


Green energy company Ecotricity has cut its gas bill 7%, which it claims is the biggest reduction in the energy industry so far.


Energy companies are finally passing on savings made from oil and gas price falls to consumers and Ecotricity is the latest company to announce a cut.


It has one gas tariff – called Green Gas – for all new and existing cuts which will be cut, saving the average customer £46 a year.


Dale Vine, Ecotricity founder, criticised other energy providers for not going far enough with their price cuts.


‘We think 7% better reflects the reduction in wholesale costs. The 5% reductions that we’ve seen so far around the industry just aren’t enough,’ he said.


‘It’s all of our customers who’ll get this reduction too, no matter when they joined or how they choose to pay, that’s part of the ethical approach – one tariff and one price for everybody.’


The tariff has a ‘frack-free’ promise and the company also announced that it will be making its own green gas from grass using its green gas mills.


‘A new kind of gas is entering the energy market, the green kind – and it’s the genuine alternative to fracking in Britain,’ said Vine.


‘Oil prices have fallen, so we’re now seeing reductions in gas prices across the industry now – but one thing is for sure, they’ll go up again. It’s only by making our own green gas in Britain that we can keep energy bills affordable in the long term by creating energy independence and we won’t need to frack the countryside to get our gas.’



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