Mindful Money TV: Shaun Richards on why the Bank of England's policies are wrong

14th November 2013 by The Harried House Hunter

10 thoughts on “Mindful Money TV: Shaun Richards on why the Bank of England's policies are wrong”

  1. forbin says:

    pretty good shaun

    now all we need to do is get the BBC/ITV mobsters to broadcast it :-)


    1. Andy Zarse says:

      Having listened to the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 and their hopeless discussion on Mark Carney and forward guidance, it is clearly very needed. What a woeful affair it was!

  2. Pavlaki says:

    Great to see you ‘live’! Your still photo doesn’t do you justice!! I will second Forbin’s comment – we need more of this in the mainstream media. The problem is that most folk’s eyes glaze over when anyone talk about economic matters and yet it has the greatest effect on their living standards. People may well be asked to vote on our membership of the EU which is a hugely important issue and again the vast majority either trot out the usual media nonsense or are ignorant of the facts. I am interested in such matters and yet I do not believe that I have heard anything like enough discussions about our membership – both for and against. Your live appearance is a small step forwards. It needs a wider audience.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Pavlaki and thank you

      You are not the first to mention the photo as I use the same one for my articles in City AM and got a text message from a friend an ex-colleague not discussing the finer points but saying “nice photo”. Ooops!

      I did 2 video podcasts so there is another to come and I plan to do more (and indeed have wanted to do them for some time).

  3. Rods says:

    Hi shaun,

    Good to see you live and I hope this is the start of many more appearances as your knowledge and intelligent comments are sadly missing in the MSM.

    It is interesting when it is discussed what should count as inflation where we see bubbles all around us, just imagine what the inflation rate would have been if bond prices has been included in the last few years as the inflationary effect of QE has affected people who are looking for a steady income or buying an annuity and likewise image what the current inflation rate would be if it included equities, again this is not a victim free scenario for those looking to live on the dividends. Just because something is not in the official inflation measured does not mean it does not exist and affect peoples lives, it is just not officially measured.

    Where commodities seem to be easing in price a bit at the moment and likewise with food, where harvests have been better than last year, I fear for the long term effect on currencies where there is so much liquidity sloshing around. With poor growth figures and deflation in the Eurozone, is Drahi about to fire up the inkjets and start printing money, ignoring the squeals of protest from Germany?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Rods

      Thank you and yes I think that there is a lot of head scratching and thinking going on in the Frankfurt towers of the ECB. I expect a balance sheet move in the new year whether it be a new LTRO or a more QE like operation but I expect the Bundesbank to resist. So there will be even more money sloshing about…

  4. Bones says:

    Hi Shaun
    Great to see you live. Next you will be on the Keiser Show!
    I wish you and your boys luck this wekend. I hope it is a great game.Was last years result a one off or a start of a trend?
    I am looking forward to England coming out here next year for a three match series. Will they bring a full team? Are you going to follow them out?
    Keep up the good work with your blog. Compulsory reading.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Bones

      Thank you and good luck for Saturday which in truth I cannot want for! A combination of excitement and trepidation as I believe the All Blacks have gone 12/12 in 2013 so far. However that gives England the chance to be unlucky number 13….

      I do not know if you watched our games against the Aussies and the Pumas but in both games we played one good half and one bad one. I am hoping we put 2 good halves together and I guess you are hoping we put 2 bad ones together.

      Having mentioned Sachin Tendulkar the other day it is also only right to note that it will be Dan Carters 100th test as he is a great player.

      1. Bones says:

        On the contrary Shaun I want your guys to play two really
        fantastic halves however I want the ABs to produce something special to inspire
        your lot to come down here next year and take us on our home patch.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Hi Bones

          On a completely different subject I just wanted to let you and all Aussie and Kiwi readers that I went to the memorial service in Battersea Park on Monday the 11th and it was as ever both well and respectfully attended. The attendees varied from Chelsea Pensioners to schoolchildren.

          Why am I telling you? Because next to the memorial to the 24th Infantry Division is this.


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