EDF Energy’s £47 price hike goes live

3rd January 2014

EDF Energy’s 3.9% or £47 price hike has now come into effect where cash and cheque customers will see their average bill increase from £1,190 a year to £1,237 a year as a result.

The supplier limited its increase in anticipation of the Government’s changes to social and environmental costs on bills.

It comes just days after British Gas, which had raised its prices by a hefty 9.2% on the 23 November, shaved 3.2% back off again. Npower, ScottishPower and SSE, which also increased their prices at the end of last year and are due to part reverse their hikes, are yet to announce firm details of their reductions.

Claire Osborne, energy expert at uSwitch says: “While EDF Energy, E.ON and British Gas customers now know where they stand, the same cannot be said for customers of the other big six suppliers. The lack of meaningful conversation regarding price cuts will not be going down well with consumers as it seems to demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the pressure they are under. Affordability is a struggle for many and any reduction, no matter how small, will make a difference to those struggling to keep their homes warm this winter.

“We would urge suppliers to tell their customers now about the price cuts they will be making and to ensure that any reductions are backdated so that customers will feel the benefit throughout winter. It does not seem fair that some consumers are left with higher winter bills simply because their supplier delayed passing on the benefit of Government changes to the levies on bills.

“While suppliers are delaying, consumers shouldn’t. They should be shopping around now for a competitive energy deal that will cut the cost of their winter bills and potentially protect them from future price hikes too. The Government can only do so much to help – but thankfully there is a lot more consumers can do to help themselves to cheaper bills.”

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