Downturn could continue till 2016

13th August 2012

A Keynesian beauty contest

As investors continue to worry about the euro debt crisis and a slowdown in China, Lord Skidelsky, a biographer of Keynes, reopens the economist's analogy between investing in the stock market and predicting the winner of a fictional newspaper beauty contest. FT


A new depression: Out of credit

Richard Duncan, economist and author of "The New Depression," fears that our multi-decade boom in the expansion of credit will turn into a very serve multi-decade depression in which the world could see a replay of the 1930s and ‘40s. The Economist


Downturn could continue till 2016

After the Bank of England's dismal Inflation Report, Damien Reece believes the UK economy is only half way through the process of recovery and it could be well into 2016 until we see a return to growth of two to three percent. Yikes! The Telegraph


 Argentina feels pinch of global economic crisis

Featuring the struggles of a 33 year-old taxi driver, Lucia Newman reports that even though the global economic crisis threatens to kill off growth, Argentines like to say they're better prepared than most to deal with the turmoil – since they experience an economic crisis more or less once every ten years. Al Jazeera


Gap between best and worst US cities for jobs widens

Enrico Moretti, UC Berkeley economist, talks about his new book "The New Geography of Jobs," in which he argues that the best jobs in the U.S. are increasingly concentrated in specific cities that have become innovation centers. Reuters


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