Don’t be deceived, stocks are in a bubble

30th July 2012

Don't be deceived, stocks are in a bubble

Should we worry about a stock market bubble? Martin Feldstein certainty thinks we should. The Harvard economist argues that the Fed's commitment to low interest rates is driving investors into stocks and keeping equities at unsustainable levels.Reuters


Spain: Economic cuts, social wounds

As austerity measures begin to take its toll on the Spanish economy, Miles Johnson visits the northern region of Asturias to interview the miners now at the forefront of an emerging social movement against the government's policy. Financial Times


Joseph Stiglitz: Iraq War Caused the Great Recession

According to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, the factors which caused the economic crisis (high oil prices, the culture of deregulation and the housing bubble) stemmed in large part, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fora TV


Is a Chinese economic crisis on the horizon?

Portfolio Managers Joe Joseph and Randy Farins are worried about the ripple effect a slowdown in the Chinese economy would have on basic material stocks, industrial stocks and market sentiment in general. Putnam investments


Krugman for Fed chairman?

In a television segment with journalist Fareed Zakaria, economists Paul Krugman and Ken Rogoff joke that having the New York Times columnist as chairman of the Fed would drive down the dollar and drive up inflation expectations. CNN


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