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9th February 2011

The Telegraph

"The London Stock Exchange, one of the world's oldest bourses, and Canadian rival TMX have agreed a £4.2bn all-share merger."

The Guardian readers are saying:

Halo572 says: "Wouldn't it be amusing if there was some sort of confusion over the LSE and they ended up merging with the London School of Economics? All sorts of misunderstanding and merriment would ensue from the scenario. Although maybe it would help them to fund their educational departments that churn out all the people that then go on to break the economy and other people's lives for their own profit."

gazmx writes: "Seems like a much better deal for LSE than TMX. Canada has oil. And large scale agriculture. We have…I forget, what exactly do the UK produce nowadays?"

FT Alphaville and the Wall Street Journal have covered this as well.

The Motley Fool forums have begun discussions on the merge.

Reactions to the bank levy increase yesterday:

The Telegraph

"Some of Britain's biggest investors are demanding assurances from the Treasury that there will be no more "tax ambushes" following the surprise £800m increase in bank levy announced by the Chancellor on Tuesday."

highc thinks: "This so called government operate simply on the basis of the school yard bully. The will take advantage of small individuals with little to threaten them (eg retrospective Buy to Let tax ambush, pensions ambush, uni fees ambush……) but when it comes to facing the big boys. Turn round, bleat a little and run back to mummy. Gutless shower of shi7e."

BBC's Peston's Pick

"We have been negotiating with the Treasury in good faith, on the assumption that the Chancellor would not spring nasty surprises like this on us," said a banker. "We had no idea this was coming and quite frankly some of us are livid."

willyhay99 writes: "How are the banks supposed to run a business when the chancellor is sitting on the side lines imposing additional ad hoc levies whenever he feels like it?"

phoenixbrighton comments: "The banker's anger is fake and the levy is peanuts to the banks. The government gets to look tough on the banks and the banks get to say they've paid the price now lets move on. This was all pre-agreed with Sir Humphrey months ago. Its a win:win for the government and the bankers and no one should fall for it."

The Daily Mail readers are saying:

Russ thinks: "Think its clear to everyone in the country now, the banks will never be punished for bankrupting the state. The big bonuses are back (did they ever go away) and nothing has changed. All the ingredients are there for another crisis, its not a matter of if but when. The big difference next time is the Armed Forces will be involved in the 'bailout plan' as the police will not be able to keep law and order alone…."

The Wall Street Journal

"Inflation jitters spread through emerging markets on Tuesday, prompting China's central bank to raise interest rates for the third time in four months amid worries that a drought threatening the country's wheat crop will put further pressure on global food prices."

Stephen Carroll writes: "Good for China. At least they understand the problem."

While This is Money are discussing UK inflation:

"Inflation will hover around 4% – double the 2% target – in 2011 having been at 3% or higher for the whole of 2010, according to the CBI."

John Smith thinks: "One of the main reasons why the economy faces a bleak year ahead is low wage inflation.Everyday items have sky rocketed in price in recent years and people have less money to spend.The economy seems to be firing on 2005 wages at 2011 prices.Even if inflation starts to fall next year as the BOE predict,the reality is that prices will be still going up,but less slowly."

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