Community Views : What’s on the boards today….8th March 2011

8th March 2011

The Telegraph

"Brent crude fell nearly $2 on Tuesday to $113 a barrel after Kuwait's oil minister said Opec is in talks to boost production for the first time in more than two years, calming nerves over unrest in the Middle East."

The Telegraph

"Sales on the high street over February were the weakest for almost two years, showing just how hard the consumer economy has been hit by rising household bills and declining confidence."

ebbi thinks: "did anyone with half a brain expect the sales to rise ?? why should they ?? more personal disposable income ?? lower mortgage payments ?? higher employment ?? anything that should support the fundamentals of a prosperous society and a healthy stock market ?? of course footsie has its own mind and soars against all the negative news ."

The Guardian readers are saying:

Corinthian11 comments: "I'm a hypothetical private sector worker earning 18K a year who has had my hours cut to save my job because the goods I help produce are not selling in the high street; I have to find money for my number two kid's education, number one kid has completed her degree and is still living at home because she cannot find a job and cannot afford to rent. There are rumours of redundancy and the government have caused the council to close the day centre my aged parent attended and I have to find the money from somewhere to help pay for a carer. VAT has risen as has my car insurance, petrol is sky high and I'm worried about having to live on 62 quid a week for a while should I lose my job…Am I really going to be making any big purchases on the high street at the moment?"

In the Independent the community think:

Olivercromwell: "Soon these consumers will be tightening their string, they will not be able to afford a belt!"


"The British Chambers of Commerce and U.K. consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP cut their outlook for economic growth this year and said the Bank of England should postpone interest-rate increases."

The Telegraph

"Pensioners are to receive a flat-rate universal retirement payment of £140 a week that will end the injustice of working mothers being penalised for taking a break to raise children, under reforms to be signalled by Iain Duncan Smith today."

roman_column comments: "There is an issue that is not often discussed, and it's about people, men and women, who do not do a day's work in their lives, and yet get the same full state pension as the people who worked all their lives. How can this be described as fair?

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