Community Views : What’s on the boards today….28th Feb 2011

28th February 2011

The Telegraph

"HSBC said profits nearly tripled last year to $19bn (£12bn) – the highest earnings generated by a British bank since the start of the financial crisis."

The Guardian readers are saying:

Cortina1600E: "Can anyone tell me what social utility these self centered, individualistic, greedy neo-liberal bastards provided?

Do they

A) Provide genuinely useful products and services at great prices?

Or B) They are part of an abusive oligopoly with a Government granted privilege to fleece currency transactions between citizens?

Answers on a postcard please."

In the Independent they are more supportive:

JonnyNorfolk: "I am pleased they are in good profit. They did not need any money despite Brown causing the problem by changing the banking regulations for the worse.Blame Labour not the banks I would split the blame Labour 80% banks 10% people 10%.

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