Community Views : What’s on the boards today….24th Feb 2011

24th February 2011

The Telegraph

"Royal Bank of Scotland, the UK bank which is 84pc owned by the Government, reported a narrower loss in 2010 as provisions for bad loans fell."

bedfordfalls says: "Edinburgh-based RBS reported a net attributable loss of £1.1bn for last year" A loss of only £1.1bn? BIG, FAT BONUSES, ALL ROUND!!!"

The Guardian readers are saying:

IXUS thinks: "For crying out loud we own this bank! It's up to the government as the representatives of us owners to step in and ban these bonuses while the bank is contributing nothing in the way of tax revenues. It's time for Cameron to substitute fine words for action."

The community on the Independent have similar views on this:

DisqustedofWB writes: "So let me get this right. This is pretty much a State owned bank who made a loss £1.1 billion last year. However they are in a position to pay £950 million in bonuses. I guess that a lot of those bonuses will go to the investment bankers, the ones according to this article that had a fall in revenue in their division. But we have to pay the bonuses or they will take their expertise somewhere else – well let them. I am heartily sick of these people with their snouts in the trough whilst benefits and services are cut."

BBC News

"Oil prices hit fresh highs on Libya unrest fears"

FT Alphaville are discussing this as well:

samvickers34 thinks: "Should this rise be sustained it will have quite an impact on the world economic outlook. Sustained oil price rises usually have quite an effect on economic output and inflation. I found an analysis of the likely impact of a ten dollar rise in the price of oil and just to give an example it would represent a 150 bilion dollar shift towards OPEC!"

In the Guardian they are saying:

Bookseeker thinks: "People struggle for freedom – oil prices rise. Makes you wonder who's holding whom to ransom."

Citywire has covered this as well:

Dennis writes: "Can this be real? Libya represents only 2% of world oil output. I know that the other gulf states could be affected but this looks like scaremongering. Could be a buying opportunity."

They have a similar view point in the Wall Street Journal:

Yakov Kuznetsov writes: But it's all a speculation at this point.

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