Community Views : What’s on the boards today….23rd March 2011

23rd March 2011

Today the discussion is all around George Osborne's budget review:

The Guardian

"Budget 2011: what to expect. From public finances to petrol prices – a brief breakdown of what George Osborne is likely to pull out of his red box"

The Telegraph are discussing the review in relation to how inflation will effect it:

"UK economy delivers double blow to George Osborne ahead of Budget 2011. The Chancellor must unveil Wednesday's Budget against a grim economic backdrop, after new figures stoked fears inflation is out of control and revealed that the nation's finances are in a worse state than thought."

lordbarnett comments: "When have we ever had a budget in this country where the lot of us have not been screwed one way or the other?, this one will be no different, tinkering here, tinkering there, giving here but clawing it back there,the only ones who will gain from this budget will be foreigners, as usual. and don't forget, we have a new war to finance now."

TomNightingale replied: "If one person is screwed, somebody else has a smile on their face.

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