Community Views : What’s on the boards today….22nd Feb 2011

22nd February 2011

The Daily Mail

"Halifax forced to pay £500m compensation after admitting 'confusing' mortgage customers over rate increase"

James 001 writes: "To all those who criticize banks for making profits, remember they can only pay £500m because they have made profit – across the globe – and everyone that gets compensation, it will be far in excess of the actual amount they lost. If you don't like banks, that is your choice but don't complain one minute and take the cash the next."

While Nonsense says: "Committed to operating to the highest levels of integrity" Yes ,when prodded by the FSA."

The Telegraph readers are saying:

alanbutler79 thinks: "Another example of what an awful deal the bailout of HBOS by "non-due diligence Daniel" and his chairman Blank did for the Lloyds Bank shareholders. Blank didn't get the promised peerage from his pal Gordon and Daniel should leave without a penny."

The Guardian are saying:

Sim1 says: "That'll be £500m to write off from the corporation tax bill this year then."

The Telegraph

"MPC's Martin Weale calls for small interest rate rise to avoid big increase later"

bedfordfalls comments: "A series of small increases (of the sort that Mole scorns for having very little individual effect) will do infinitely less damage to the economy that the big chunky increases he will impose when he panics."

kfc1404 replied: "Mole 's hands are tied.."

The Citywire readers are saying:

Robert Moore KSA Group: "The argument is really about the value of the currency. The low value of sterling has helped exports on one hand but stoked higher prices on imported goods and services on the other. This is the balancing act that is being done"

BBC News

"Moody's Investor Services has cut its outlook on Japan's credit rating to "negative" from "stable" citing concerns about debt levels."

The Wall Street Journal has also covered this story:

The readers are still wondering when the US is going to have their ratings reviewed:

James Austin wrote: "Quoted: " Moody's Investors Service Tuesday changed the outlook on Japan's Aa2 bond rating to negative from stable, citing the difficulties facing the government and dimming prospects to stem the rising debt burden."

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