Community Views : What’s on the boards today….1st March 2011

1st March 2011

The Telegraph

"Supermarkets are ripping off British shoppers by raising food prices faster than inflation, risking another competition inquiry, the investment bank UBS has warned in a new report."

socialismsucks comments: "Supermarkets use a variety of techniques to rip you off. Some of their favoured wheezes are pre-packed produce and buy on get one free (in both cases you are forced to purchase more than you may want , so the excess goes off in your fridge and is not their problem). Then of course they frequently ramp up (by 10-20%) the price of items you buy regularly (e.g. toilet roll, kitchen roll) for a short period (e.g. a week or a few days) and habit/inertia means you buy. The UK supermarkets make vast profits for good reason: they are ruthless at exploiting their supply chain and the consumer. But let's face it, they are only doing what the politicians have taught them; Rip Off the British Public it's the British way!"

The Guardian readers are saying:

Gelion thinks: "This does seem an illness of "rip off / broken" Britain. Yesterday a banker who took home an £8m bonus. Today, the supermarkets that are supported by the banks raise their prices by 3 x that in Europe. As ever, it seems to me, that there is one Britain for the rich, one Britain for the rest."

FT Alphaville

"Hopes are fading for HMV. The embattled books and DVD retailer has issued another profits warning on Tuesday morning."

VP thinks: "HMV shops will keep going, as will Waterstones. But can't see any value in the equity. Still, that hasn't stopped loads of other zombie co's keeping going for years, even 10-bagging along the way (YELL, PUB, JJB..).

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