Community Views : What’s on the boards today….19th April 2011

19th April 2011

The Independent

"Tesco makes £3.8bn despite UK sales slump. Supermarket giant Tesco revealed a fourth-quarter sales slump today as it admitted it missed UK growth targets."

Ninevah says: "To infinity and beyond as we slowly move from Tesco Towns to Tesco Nation"

The Guardian have covered this as well:

"UK performance still not good enough as bulk of profit increase came from Asian operations, says new boss Philip Clarke"

PlainBloke jokes: "Oh the hateful idea that a strong company can make a profit, employ more staff, pay more corporation tax, etc etc etc… If only no one made a profit, if only no one was paid more than £25kpa, if only I didn't have to get off my back side and work for a living."

The Telegraph

"America risks being stripped of its prized 'AAA' credit rating unless it delivers a deficit-cutting plan within two years, Standard & Poor's has warned, in a move that sent stock markets tumbling and the gold price to a fresh record."

lordbarnett comments: "If you remember the rating agencys were not prosecuted in the Goldman Sachs case, It would not surprise me in the least if they were told by the American govenment that they would not be prosecuted in return for saying nothing about Americas debt for as long as possible,conspiracy theory? yes,just like the Fed has not been manipulating gold and silver for the past twenty years with the blessing of the govenment."

And kfc1404 agrees "Sounds about right.."

martincarter replied: "Interesting theory, lordbarnett. I was wondering whether the American government had asked S&P to make their announcement yesterday – just to weaken the dollar a bit, race to the bottom and all that."

The Guardian are also discussing this:

"Stock markets fell across Asia on Tuesday morning as investors took fright at ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgrade of the outlook on US debt."

RobertSchuman says: "The ratings agencies are neither independent nor unbiased. Escpecially in the US were even the press is self-censoring to not seem unpatriotic.

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