Community Views : What’s on the boards today….15th March 2011

15th March 2011

The New York Times

"Despite Japan's crisis, India and China and some other energy-ravenous countries say they plan to keep using their nuclear power plants and building new ones."

The Telegraph

"Fitch says UK is still rated a triple-A country. Britain's triple-A credit rating is safe for the time being after one of the world's leading ratings agencies said the Government's austerity package had done enough to stabilise the public finances."

GermanMichel says: "Just one question: do the US and GB consider the rating agencies as part of their armed forces?"

The Guardian

"European stock markets fell sharply on Tuesday as the panic gripping Japan in the wake of its catastrophic earthquake and tsunami hit world markets."

Gusset thinks: "Sadly, it seems as if we're entering a dark period of political turmoil and instability throughout the world. On the bright side, this could be a great opportunity for what Britain does best: armaments. Keep your hands off my gold bullion or I'll blast you with good old British technology."

Naked Capitalism blog are discussing this as well:

mannfm11 says: "In 15 years, the definition of meglamaniac in the dictionary is going to have a picture of a central banker. If there is a shortage of money, it is because there is a shortage of buyers. People put their money into assets, not the central banks money. This idiot in the US has set in motion a mess that has already resulted in disaster. Not to get the economy going, but to give speculators and bankers cover for what amounts to gambling with the financial future of the country. Such an attitude has already sunk Japan for 20 years. Looks like mother nature has set it back another 20."

The Independent

"Predictions that the Japanese earthquake could prove to be the most costly ever natural disaster hit insurers yesterday."

The Daily Mail has covered this story as well:

jane comments: "SO???, That's what people pay insurance premiums for, to be insured, is it not? If your house burns down you expect the insurer to pay out. In a good year, maybe no houses will burn and your premium goes in their pocket, in a bad year, God forbid, they might have to pay out, that's what people pay for, it is their chosen job. So I don't accept their bleating on about "losses", they have probably made plenty to cover any "losses". If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

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