Community Views : What’s on the boards today….14th March 2011

14th March 2011

The main topic of conversation today is Japan:

The New York Times:

"While the nation's industrial clusters in the south and west seemed to be spared the worst, the crisis at damaged nuclear plants north of Tokyo was threatening to cause an energy squeeze that could set back all sectors of Japan's economy."

The Telegraph

"London proved resilient on Monday after Japanese shares plunged 6.2pc on the first business day after a massive earthquake and tsunami laid waste to cities along Japan's northeast coast."

truth47 comments: "Obviously reality is alive and well as the market is not allowed to reflect the reality of one of the worlds largest earthquakes hitting a major industrialised country with major nuclear side effects.This lack of reality is going to tear the markets apart soon,there is quite obviously only Governmental players and the crash does not occur as there is no one else to sell to as who wants paper assets that are vastly overpriced or banks that are in reality insolvent."

While the stock exchange in Japan didn't fare as well:

The Guardian

"Japan's Nikkei plunges 6.18% in earthquake aftermath. Manufacturers and power companies are badly hit, as the Bank of Japan pledges 15 trillion yen ($183bn) in liquidity to reassure markets following earthquake and tsunami"

Halo572 says: "I wonder if there is going to be £114bn worth of government aid given to those who have lost everything, or is Japan like the UK where the financial sector are the only ones who can hope for any state assistance? And for the economists who are disappointed in no change in the assessment of the Japanese economy, it must be really disappointing that Human misery and suffering isn't a tradeable commodity as well."

The community on the Big Picture are saying:

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