Community views: What’s on the board today… 3 March 2011

3rd March 2011

Hunt approves News Corp plan for Sky News

What they are saying on:

The Guardian

Sky News to be spun off into new company to pave way for News Corp takeover of BSkyBSkyB has been given the go-ahead to spin off Sky News.

lookingon writes: "He who pays the piper."

drygoni adds: "What a bunch of 'culture secretaries'. Who exactly is going to want to invest in Sky News apart from Murdoch and his cronies.

"Nothing is more precious to me than the free and independent press for which this country is famous the world over.

Anyone else having a coughing fit after reading this?"

Girindor comments :"This is a terrible day for UK democracy. What a blow to our freedom of expression, I am horrified."  

The Telegraph

andrewstyles writes:  "I'm new to this commenting but I would like to know two things; firstly is there a public petition that anyone can join to go against the Murdoch takeover and secondly why doesn't the Telegraph head such a campaign it would be welcomed by a lot of people. It's a disgrace that one man should be allowed such power to turn the heads of the British public."


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